Easy Way To Activate Schedule Scan On Malwarebytes for Mac

Being definite and classy in approach, Malwarebytes strategies always confined to deliver better software to the customer. To product like Malwarebytes Anti Malware is quite popular among the masses for its cutting edge security measures. In short Malwarebytes software offers bang for the bucks proposition to the users. Notably, Malwarebytes is duly available in two variants ie paid and free. Don’t confuse with the free version of the malwarebytes software, it is quite capable. However, it will provide features like real-time detection and phishing control. Anyway, whether it’s free or paid versions, antivirus is meant to encounter with technical oddities from time to time. On the other hand, to resolve them quickly, you might need to deal with our technicians on Malwarebytes Customer Support +1-855-536-5666. It is the only platform that delivers an instant resolution on the antivirus issues.

In this blog, we will guide how to activate schedule scan on the Malwarebytes on Mac and remove cookies from the browser

  • Open your Malwarebytes program followed by the settings.
  • The Default Scan displays create a newly scheduled scan and let you modify the default settings.
  • Tap on the + icon to add a new scheduled scan.
  • You will prompt with New Scheduled Scan displays in the left pane.

Now the Add the following information.

  • Tap on the Name field and rename the scan if you choose.
  • Check the checkbox near to Allow this scan to be performed.
  • Set the date and time for the scan in the Starts at the field.
  • To set the frequency for the scheduled scan, simply click the drop-down menu below the starts at.
  • Tick the checkbox near to Quarantine malware automatically.
  • Click Apply to save changes.

We all know that cookies are a piece of data that left on your browser after you visit a website. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac does not consider cookies as a threat. On the long term, cookies will slow down your browser. Since all cookies are not legitimate, they somewhat affect the performance of your system.

Here’s is the instruction you can follow to remove the cookies from the system.


  • Close all the active window and tabs on the browser.
  • Open Safari browser and click Safari on the menu bar.
  • Click Preferences followed by the Advanced tab.
  • Tick the box near to Show Develop menu in menu bar.
  • Click Develop in the menu bar followed by Empty caches.
  • Tap on the Safari followed by the Preferences and Privacy tab.
  • Click on the Manage Website Data.
  • Select the website you want to remove and tap Remove.
  • Click Done to wrap up the process.

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