Malwarebytes Real-Time Mode Issues- Things You Need To Know

Malwarebytes for Windows is an impeccable antivirus software that is designed to counter the latest malware attacks. The premium version of this software is equipped with real-time protection mode which identifies the malicious activities on the go. However, some of the Malwarebytes user unable to activate this peculiar feature on their Malwarebytes software which isn’t a hefty task at all. Anyway, make sure to call our professional on Malwarebytes Support Number +1-855-536-5666 and resolve any sort of issues related to real-time protection mode. If you have the premium version of the Malwarebytes software on your system, you can turn Real-Time Protection on or off in the following way

  • Click to open the Malwarebytes Premium.
  • Once the program explores, click Settings followed by the Protection tab.
  • Under Real-Time Protection you will find the four protection layers. Click the switches of each protection layer to turn it on or off.
  • If any protection layers are deactivated, you will prompt by a User Account Control.
  • Click Yes to confirm your changes.

Now to confirm that real-time feature is active or not, make sure to follow the below instructions carefully.

Check Real-time feature on the dashboard

  • Click to open the Malwarebytes
  • Locate the protection mode on the right panel of the Malwarebytes application.

Check Real-time feature from settings

  • Click to open the Malwarebytes
  • Explore the Settings and then click Protection.
  • Under Real-Time Protection, you can see which protection is On, Off, or Unavailable.

Notably, the latest mac update brings many significant changes in the real-time feature. The latest update allows Malwarebytes to scan adware and PUPs. Furthermore, it is also backed by the App blocker feature which completely blocks applications from known bad developers.

Real-time features let Malwarebytes software to take care of malicious or unwanted files. Once this feature initiates, the software starts scanning the system for the latest threat coming from the online connectivity. So it is advisable to activate this feature as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you face any issues regarding this particular feature and want a quick resolution that, make sure to connect with Malwarebytes customer support number +1-855-536-5666. This voice call option will take all your pain and confusion regarding the Malwarebytes software. You can also choose to mail your query on our email id. Our customer support also works round the clock. Once you report your issues on our email id, our expert will respond you in a flash.

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